First identity theft incident

My wife isn't all that swift with junk e-mail and so-called phishing. We think because of that, we had our first bout of identity theft. This afternoon we got a message on our answering machine from a nice gentleman (very nice all things considered). He had sent a number of online messages about our auction for the watch. I called back the number he left and told that we didn't have a watch for sale on our auction account on eBay. I immediately when online to the website and there was a watch with 33 bids with the highest at $8,100.00.

We tried to change the passwords, but whoever had hijacked my wife's account had already reset the password system. I got into online chat with eBay's support staff and they reset the account and cancelled the illegal auction. My wife thinks that she might have gotten one of the phishing e-mails that ask for her eBay account info. Now we are going to look at her credit report, just to be safe.

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